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Rockstar Games announced, through a press release that we report in full below, all the news of the week on Red Dead Onlinethe online sector of Red Dead Redemption II – for some weeks now also available in standalone format.

This week, Red Dead Online thinks of those who get their hands dirty: chefs, aspiring pharmacists who love experimentation, and hunters who stalk their prey across boundless and relentless terrain.

Whoever makes any item at a Campfire will receive 3 collectibles to sell to Madame Nazar. Crafting any item in Gus’s shop this week will give you an offer for a free hat below rank 15 and 50% off a pair of boots. By purchasing a note, you will also receive a valuable Treasure Map.


In addition, the clothes made in Gus’s shop can be purchased with 40% discount, while those who love hunting will save 30% on Gus’s amulets and variants of the Improved Bow.

Play Red Dead Online by February 1st and receive 5 Weapon Oil and 50 Small Game Arrows to help you out in the wild.


Red Dead Online players who have linked their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will receive rewards for:

  • Free bounty hunter’s license
  • Paint Finishes in amethyst for the Bounty Hunter’s Wagon

Players who log into Prime Gaming before February 15 will receive an offer for a 50% discount on the LeMat Revolver and a poncho of their choice, an offer for a free left-handed holster, 100 fast revolver ammo and 100 explosive ammo for revolver.

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