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Rockstar Games announced i new Red Dead Online contentwhich include three new missions to be tackled in the vast frontier of the multiplayer sector of Red Dead Redemption II.

Here are the details.

Great opportunities for workers and mercenaries wandering the frontier in Red Dead Online: Three new single-player telegram missions are available. Delivered by a mysterious individual, “J,” the missions of A New Thanks for reading! of Employment are dedicated to those ready to engage in dangerous feats for money.


The Braithwaites are organizing the purchase of a white racing Arabian wild horse at the Emerald Ranch. Your job is to screw up the deal, tame the unpredictable animal, and deliver it to your contact. This is a very valuable horse, so expect resistance from the guards.


The mayor of Saint Denis is said to be stuffing his pockets with confiscated contraband jewelry from all states. The mayor guards the loot in his mansion dotted with guards. Break in, grab the gems and see you get out of them all in one piece.


The help of a skilled individual is required to provide protection to a wagon from Brittlebrush Trawl against possible attacks and contingencies along the way. You can decide to escort the wagon riding your horse or sitting next to the driver, but if he dies, it’s up to you to bring the wagon to its destination by any means. One last thing: don’t ask too many questions about the cargo.

Each mission includes three difficulty levels, and winning becomes more difficult with each attempt. To start the quests for A New Thanks for reading! of Employment, visit a post office or camp safety deposit box. Dedicated to lone explorers, these missions are single player only. Read the telegram in the Saddlebag to find out all the relevant information before embarking on the venture. Keep your eyes peeled for more missions to come in the future.

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