Red Dead Online, zombie mode coming for Halloween?

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Apparently it looks like that Rockstar Games is ready to celebrate Halloween entering one zombie mode in Red Dead Onlineonline component of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The data miners of the Red Dead Guides Youtube channel have in fact discovered that the game contains 50 different models of zombies. Models that could probably be used for a future Red Dead Online DLC. Specifically, the files are named “Army of Fear” although it is not yet clear how zombies will be implemented within the game.

However, you will remember that Red Dead Redemption is not new to the presence of zombies. In fact, the expansion has arrived in the first chapter Undead Nightmare (2010) which inserted a sort of zombie campaign that was definitely inspired and fun to play. Considering the success of Undead Nightmare, it is probable that Rockstar wants to repeat the thing also on this second chapter. Obviously we will not fail to update you in case we have new information on the matter.

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