Remember Everwild? Development has started from scratch, it will not come out before 2024

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A report by VGC testifies to the still very precarious state of the works on Everwild.

Rareaccording to the portal, has completely restarted the development of the open world adventure game Everwildpresented for the first time in 2019, now under the control of a new creative director.

The first news about Everwild arrived at X019, when Rare, after launching Sea of ​​Thieves, announced with a first teaser trailer that it was working on this new intellectual property, with a strong fantasy atmosphere immersed in nature.

The news in the following years was practically minimal, and today we find out why.

Second VGCthe departure, in 2020, of creative director Simon Woodroffe initiated a domino effect at the studio, causing a “Significant change to senior gaming leadership” And “A complete overhaul of the design and direction of the game”.

The development of Everwild, therefore, seems to have started from scratch, with an important creative reboot. To take care of this renewed project should be the designer Gregg Mayles, a veteran of Rare. Mayles has been with the studio since 1989 and has worked on Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie and Sea of ​​Thieves.

“Gregg Mayles joined us at the end of last year as creative director, and the team has never been stronger”replied to VGC Everwild executive producer Louise O’Connor, indirectly confirming the reports. “Since we showed our trailer to the world, we’ve made progress on all aspects of Everwild. The team continues to work hard to realize our vision and to bring the magic of nature to life in Everwild for players around the world. “

In light of this restart, what could be a plausible date for the launch of the game? According to the always knowledgeable Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat, the hopes of seeing Everwild before 2024 are slim, although Microsoft would like to push to be able to release the game by the end of 2023.

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