Resident Evil 4 Remake: here is the video performance comparison between PS4 and PS5

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The time has finally come for the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake.A project that re-proposes the first, great object of the Resident Evil controversy on the market, the one that for the first time had innovated the brand towards the direction of action, partially abandoning what was its initial soul. And this time Capcomwho has now restored the luster of horror par excellence, doesn’t want to make a mistake.

Given its crossgen nature, there are many questions that users ask themselves (especially those who have not yet been able to buy the new flagship consoles). To try to dispel some doubts, ElAnalistDeBits recently released a version comparison video PS4, PS4 Pros And PS5 of the new horror remake.

As it is easy to understand, the differences from the point of view of frame rate they are immediately noticeable, even more so with the performance setting active (on PS4 Pro and PS5). On PS4 the title struggles strongly on the fluidity side, with an average frame rate of 45 frames per second. There Sony’s new housewife instead they reach i 55-60fpsdepending on the graphics preference set.

What can I say, it seems that the older generation is ready to be permanently retired, considering the results shown.

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