Return to Empire – The Age of Empires spin-off in the first gameplay video

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After yesterday’s announcement, Tencent showed the first gameplay video of Return to Empirespin-off of the series Age of Empires intended for the mobile market.

Developed by TiMi Studio, the authors of Call of Duty: Mobile, Return to Empire marks the first game born from the collaboration between the Chinese giant and Microsoft, which is continuing in its work of relaunching the Age of Empires franchise which will soon also see the arrival of the highly anticipated fourth main chapter.

As promised, a first gameplay video has arrived today that allows us to see the mobile game in action.

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The video, which you find below in Chinese, highlights the clear similarities between Return to Empire and the main series, although obviously the landing on mobile will change some game mechanics. Return to Empire will be a strategic one with numerous civilizations in the history of mankindwhere, just like in Age of Empires, we will have to build and maintain our civilization before setting out on the siege of rival peoples with a large army formed by us.

Graphically, moreover, Return to Empire appears as a high-level title for the mobile market, and very interesting clashes are expected visually speaking.

We remind you that at the moment Return to Empire is intended only for the Chinese market, and we do not know if the game will sooner or later also arrive in the West.

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