Returnal – The Story Trailer is full of mysteries, there will also be an online component

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A little over a month after the release of ReturnalHousemarque narrative designer Greg Louden introduces PS5 players to the game’s new Story Trailer and the mysteries Selene will face in this dangerous alien world.

Announced last year, Returnal is scheduled for April 30th exclusively on PlayStation 5and will tell about Selene’s mysterious mission in the Atropos world, an alien planet in which nothing is as it seems and everything is trapped within a continuous time loop that changes the appearance of the environments.

During the intervention on the official PlayStation blog, Louden discussed some of the mysteries that the protagonist will have to solve, a narrative direction that, as specified, has not compromised the playability that the studio has already discussed in the past.

The details about the story

The story of Returnal will follow the events of the Greek-American space explorer Selene, under the ASTRA. Selene is described as an extremely determined, intelligent and enterprising woman who contravenes her orders for the first time in her life to try to reach the planet Atropos in search of a particular radio signal.

The alien world will turn out to be a dark and dangerous temporal prison. On Atropos, Selene will find corpses, portals, statues, xenotechnologies and mysterious creatures attacking the explorer. From these first clashes, Selene will discover that she has been trapped in what is a time loop, in which, after being killed by alien creatures, she will wake up in the wreck of her ship noticing that the world has changed and that she has to start all over again in the search for the “Pallida Ombra” radio signal.

The task of Selene, and of course also of the players, is to reach the radio signal and solve the mystery of Atropos, facing the creatures and analyzing everything we encounter on our path. Among these puzzles there will also be the remains of the alien civilization that once lived on the planet, which in turn left xenoarchives and xenoglyphs that will allow the protagonist, when she understands how to decipher them, new potentially fundamental information about this world.


In the speech, Louden also talks about the particular online component that characterizes Returnal. Exploring Atropo, Selene will in fact be able to come across the corpses of her previous incarnations, which do not refer only to those of the user who is playing but also to those of other players if you activate the online functions, which could give useful objects to survive and collect details. on the history of this world.

The projections of the other players will show how they died in the world of Returnal, and we can also choose to avenge their death.

Here is the description of the game on PlayStation Store:

After an emergency landing on an ever-changing alien planet, Selene must seek her way out by exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization. Isolated and alone, she finds herself fighting tooth and nail for her own survival, and with each defeat she is forced to relive her adventure from the beginning, trapped in a seemingly endless loop.

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