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Harry Krueger, creative director of Housemarque, accompanied the new video of Returnal dedicated to the enemies of the game with a new post on the official PlayStation blog in which he explains some details about the game arriving on April 30th.

Along with the trailer, which you can see below, Krueger explained what pushed him and what inspired him regarding the creation of the enemy creatures of Atropos, the mysterious alien planet on which Selene’s adventure is set:

In bringing to life Returnal’s biological enemies, I was primarily inspired by the bioluminescent creatures that inhabit the deep sea. In many ways, they represent the most alien life forms to be found on Earth. The depths of the ocean are inherently a disturbing and unknown environment. The way these creatures plow the abyss, with their long tentacles and bioluminescent patches, makes them appear majestic, beautiful and at the same time terrifying. And it’s not uncommon for these beings to use their blinding charm to lure or distract prey (with a dazzling display of bioluminescence, for example) and snatch them before they can react. With the appearance of our biological creatures, we tried to capture this blend of alien beauty and terrifying aggression.

The variety of creatures, however, will be remarkable. In the video, for example, we can see the imposing Titan, a bipedal creature with one arm made up entirely of tentacles and the other that constitutes a sort of cleaver with which it can inflict devastating blows. The Mycomorph, on the other hand, is a kind of parasite that will infest Selene’s corpses, and therefore we will have to pay particular attention before returning to examine our “previous life”.

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