Richtofen’s voice actor confirms: he won’t be in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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These are particularly intense days for the community of Call of Duty Zombieswith Treyarch which is starting to spread the first teasers and images.

Just yesterday evening, following the now classic round of clues left to the most famous influencers in the world, the site PawnTakesDown (made especially for the viral campaign of the new game in the series) showed us some exclusive images of the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warwhich have obviously already caused discussion between theories and certainties.

All of this comes later a gigantic leakwhich took place at the beginning of the week, in which the reliable insider TheGamingRevolution has released an impressive amount of information about what will be the new story, the maps present, the new features and much more. You can retrieve the deluge of details that emerged by clicking here, or, if you prefer, you can also watch our long video made on the occasion of these leaks.

Although these leaks are not 100% confirmed, the source is definitely reliable, and all the clues left over the last few weeks really suggest that TGR got it right on the new Zombies mode: the story will be completely new, but set in the same narrative universe of the Aether Story. Precisely for this reason, locations (Nacht der Untoten) and objects (Juggernog, Monkey Bomb) familiar to fans of the series will return.

But the question is: will there be other and more substantial references to the old story? Will its iconic protagonists return? The answer seems to be a resounding no.

Nolan Northfamous video game voice actor and who lent his voice to dr. Edward Richtofen, the absolute protagonist of the Zombies mode, since the days of Call of Duty: World at War, has recently opened its profile on TikTok (just like Xbox, which made fun of itself), publishing a first video that has to do with the Treyarch series. His statement leaves no room for imagination: Richtofen will not be in Black Ops Cold War.

The video also gave rise to a nice little curtain between North and Steve Blum, the original voice actor of Tank Dempsey, who enjoyed a chat on TikTok as if it were the two characters from the Zombies mode who were speaking. We leave you Blum’s first video response a little further below.

Beyond this goliardic initiative of the two, an important official confirmation on the subject arrives, which in fact we have already been expecting for some time: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies will do without Richtofen, and almost certainly other main characters like Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai as well. After all, their story ended definitively at the end of Tag der Toten, as we told you in our film THE ZOMBIE STORY 4. The narrative universe of Ether, however, still has a lot to say apparently.

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