Riders Republic has been postponed, will not arrive in February

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With a post on the official website, Ubisoft announced the postponement of Riders Republic.

The extreme sports game, officially announced in September and scheduled for February, will fail to meet the deadlines previously set by the company, mainly because the developers intend to offer the best possible experience to the players.

Here is the note that appeared on the Ubisoft website:

In September, we gave you a sneak peek at our huge multiplayer playground in Riders Republic. We promised you an action-packed open-air sports park, filled with massive all-out racing with more than 50 opponents on next-generation consoles, as well as a wide variety of different activities and insane stunts. We look forward to welcoming you to our exciting world and letting you live the most daring rider fantasies.

Today we are here to tell you that we have decided to postpone the release of the game, moving it later in the year. This extra time will allow our passionate team to deliver the best and most enjoyable experience to our players.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding. Take care of yourself and get ready to dive into the madness of Riders Republic soon!

Riders Republic therefore continues to be expected for 2021, even if we do not have information on a more precise launch window. This is the second Ubisoft game postponed in a few weeks: last month, in fact, Prince of Persia Remake was also postponed, as we reported here.

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