Road 96 – The very interesting procedural indie will arrive on Switch, here is the trailer

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During yesterday’s Nintendo Indie World event, DigixArt officially announced the Switch version of Road 96an intriguing procedural narrative adventure in which the protagonists must escape from a country on the brink of collapse and reach the state line, thousands of kilometers away.

Creative director Yoan Fanise explained: “We think Switch is the perfect platform to enjoy Road 96, literally“ on the road ”, in your backpack, anywhere. Petria’s colorful landscapes and characters become even more impactful when you discover them in your hands. It’s a pleasure to have brands like Nintendo and HP’s OMEN helping us with our little indie game. “

In Road 96, during each race to the border, the player will have numerous choices at his disposal to modify the experience and the progress of the journeys, which concern for example the means, the interactions with the inhabitants, the solving of puzzles and so on. Any decision will alter the experience. By deciding to go much deeper, it will also be possible to discover new stories and secrets about the nation’s troubled past.

Walking along the secondary roads of the town during the hot summer of ’96, you will also meet some citizens in difficulty. Every decision the player makes will affect their life and journey to the border. Each playthrough is procedurally generated and will be unique for everyone.

Here is the Road 96 gameplay trailer.

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