Rockstar Games, a new trailer is near: the hypotheses from GTA 6 to Red Dead Redemption Remake

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A new job posting submitted by Rockstar Games rekindles the hopes of the players, who dream of one presentation of GTA 6.

It is not the first time this week that we bring you a Rockstar Games-themed news. The American software house indirectly made headlines a few days ago, when the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, discussing the latest extraordinary results of GTA 5, said he was in favor of the possible remastering operations of the previous chapters of the series, in particular GTA: San Andreas.

Not that the remastered, or any remakes, are actually confirmed, but certainly Zelnick’s statements caused a sensation. In this climate, a very curious new piece of news arrives regarding the American study.

Rockstar Games has updated the page of open positions at the company, also announcing that it is looking for a new employee with particular skills: Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist. As you can already easily guess from the ID of the role, the new employee will have to take care of the realization of videos and trailers, whose arrival could be very close:

In the job description, Rockstar specifies:

The Gameplay Capture team works with our video and trailer editing teams to produce outstanding videos using exclusively in-game footage.

On the same page, reference is also made to the new and old generation platforms (PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and PC), and it is specified that the employee must be a passionate and good player able to fully exploit the potential of these systems.

What does this job posting mean to anyone wondering? According to many, Rockstar Games has quietly (but not too much) started its search for a video and editing expert to shape a trailer for its new project, which could be unveiled over the next few months. But which project?

Fans, of course, dream Grand Theft Auto VI, certainly one of the most anticipated title of the last decade, especially if we think that the fifth chapter dates back to 7 and a half years ago – it was autumn 2013. The chances of seeing already now, or in any case in the next few weeks or months , the reveal of GTA 6 are still very low, in our opinion. We would obviously be happy to be proved wrong, but remember that Rockstar Games will launch GTA 5 Remastered on next-generation consoles by the end of the year, and therefore announcing GTA 6 already now would be counterproductive.

The hypothesis of Red Dead Redemption Remake, hypothesized several times over the last few months. Since before the release of Red Dead Redemption II, rumors have circulated that there is the possibility of seeing a remake of the first chapter of the series (the second in reality, if we think of Red Dead Revolver), rebuilt on the engine of the 2018 game. .

For the moment, however, there are no precise indications, and we just have to wait.

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