Rockstar Games is looking for anti-cheat experts for GTA Online and Red Dead Online

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Rockstar Games the war on the cheaters of his titles continues, and to do so he relies on new workers.

The official website of the company has been enriched in the last few hours with new job advertisements, with Rockstar Games looking for very specific job figures.

The software house is in fact looking for, among the various positions, a Senior Cheat Software Analyst and an Associate Cheat Operations Analyst. These are particularly important uses for supporting games such as GTA Online and Red Dead Online, the gigantic mutiplayer platforms of the latest Rockstar hits. New employees will indeed have to identify and resolve problems related to the use of illegal cheats.

The company intends to improve both the safety of its employees and also the experience of online players, with the two games that still attract the attention of many users today. Suffice it to say that with the latest full-bodied expansion, The Cayo Perico Heist, Rockstar Games has recorded record revenues more than 7 years after the game was released.

The decision comes also and above all in view of the relaunch of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online on the next generation consoles, expected for the second half of 2021. Take-Two Interactive has announced that it will not be a simple port, but a re-edition that will exploit the new hardware with big news.

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