Rogue Spirit, the rogue-lite inspired by Studio Ghibli in Early Access on Steam

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The new action rogue-lite Rogue Spiritdeveloped by Kids With Sticks and inspired by Studio Ghibli’s anime style, enters Early Access on Steam today.

The story of Rogue Spirit begins dfter that, following thousands of years of relative peace in the Midra Kingdom, the armies of Chaos have broken down the barrier between reality and the spirit world. The Demon King adds new members to his ranks every day, possessing anyone who crosses his path. In a final effort, the monks of the Forgotten Monastery summon the spirit of the Hero who sealed the Demon King last time, the Prince of Midra generations ago.

The press release of 505 Games, which will deal with the publication of Rogue Spirit, introduces us to the game mechanics:

Dethrone the Demon King with clever use of the prince’s newfound abilities. Sneak up on enemies in his stealth ghost form, then steal their bodies and use them in battle. Master the weapons, skills and play styles of ten different enemies (twenty at full launch) to adapt to an ever-changing world. Strategically swap bodies on the fly to regain health and stay in the battle, all in an effort to end the presence of evil that corrupts the earth.

Rogue Spirit Early Access introduces the first six procedurally generated levels within five different biomes, all rendered in stunning 3D art inspired by Studio Ghibli films such as Princess Mononoke and Nausicaä. Explore forests, swamps, villages and more. Discover various secrets and challenge bosses designed to test the prince’s body swapping skills. Unlock permanent upgrades between runs and upgrade dozens of skills and essences that make each game a completely different experience.

“Thanks a lot to all our players who have tried the demo”said Andrzej Koloska, head of the Kids With Sticks studio. “Your feedback has already helped shape the Rogue Spirit experience and we hope to continue to grow and improve with the help of our community throughout Early Access.”

Rogue Spirit is available now in Early Access on Steam for € 19.99 with an additional 10% discount for a limited time, and will be fully launched in 2022.

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