[Rumor] Battlefield 6 will be inspired by Battlefield 3 and will be something of a reboot of the series

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We come back to talk about once again Battlefield 6the new shooter in the DICE series expected by the end of 2021 and which according to EA will be a colossal title to say the least – but which, according to the well-known analyst Michael Pachter, could finally prove to be a bitter disappointment for the American giant.

The developers, to date, have not yet released any details regarding Battlefield 6, however many assume that the game will be set in a fictional Third World War that will make use of current and near future technologies such as drones. and robots.

The insider Tom Henderson is back in charge today. Having already proved reliable in the past, especially when it comes to Call of Duty, the information spread by Henderson quickly went around the world, and there are many who trust the insider’s voice.

According to its sources, Battlefield 6 it will not be called that, but it will have a name that recalls a soft-reboot of the franchise. The title of the game could in fact simply be Battlefieldwhich would recall what Activision did in 2019 with the relaunch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Once again the hypothesis of a shooter set in the present – or in any case in a future very close to ours – takes hold and which, according to what is declared by the insider, it could be inspired by Battlefield 3. A news that can only please fans of the DICE series: most of them believe that the game launched in 2011 is the best in the history of the series, and its influence could be a big plus for the relaunch of the series. franchise after the disappointing Battlefield V.

The proportions of this new chapter could be decidedly colossal, if the rumors are confirmed: Henderson talks about multiplayer mode up to 128 players, at least as regards the PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC versions, and a large battle royale mode that it would certainly not be new to the series – we remember Firestorm for Battlefield V.

Finally, a series of brief indications regarding the old-gen version of the new Battlefield. The game would be in development at a studio outside DICE – but obviously in constant connection with the software house – and it will be much more limited than its next-gen counterparts: we are talking about limited destructibility, weaker performances and 32-player multiplayer.

As we have already reminded you, the ones you have just read are just indiscretions. However, and even in this case we have already talked about it, the insider in question has proved to be reliable several times in the past, and some of this information has also been leaked on other occasions.


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