[Rumor] Battlefield 6 will launch on Xbox Game Pass from day one

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In the last few hours, an interesting rumor has spread on the web that it is very likely that an AAA first-person shooter will be launched on Xbox Game Pass this fall. The clues seem to lead to Battlefield 6.

In the last few weeks, rumors have literally multiplied around the new chapter of the Battlefield series, which will be officially presented in the spring by Electronic Arts and which, apparently, will adopt a system very similar to that of Activision for Call of Duty.

Last week we in fact reported new rumors around Battlefield 6, which speak of a multiplayer Battle Pass system and a free to play battle royale, which obviously led to a comparison with Warzone.

The only sure thing of Battlefield 6 However, it is that the game will be launched during the holiday season this year, but a possible huge surprise is on the horizon.

Speaking to The XboxEra Podcast, Shpeshal Ed has talked about the last rumor that reached his ears. According to his sources, “C‘is a third-party Triple-A First Person Shooter that will most likely launch in Game Pass this fall. “.

Jon Clarke, the co-founder and Editor in Chief of Xbox It wasimmediately put the cards on the table: if we talk about third-party AAA first-person shooter (Halo Infinite therefore does not count, as a product of the Xbox Game Studios), the options are only two, namely Call of Duty and Battlefield.

It is highly unlikely that the rumor refers to Call of Duty 2021, as Activision already has an exclusive deal with PlayStation which, in all likelihood, will continue next year. The agreement has lasted since 2015, and there have been no rumors about a possible break between the parties.

Therefore, Battlefield 6 is the most likely candidate, and according to many it will be on Xbox Game Pass since day one.

It would make perfect sense, as Clarke explains. Xbox Game Pass has very high numbers, and in addition to this EA Play has recently joined the subscription service of Microsoft, building a very interesting partnership.

Will Battlefield 6 be on Xbox Game Pass now? We don’t know for now, but the prospect is tempting to say the least. Would you like such a scenario?

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