[Rumor] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Season 7 arrives with many new features and a big surprise

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Surprisingly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may have a Season 7and apparently not long before the new seasonal event that could introduce, according to the leakers, a big surprise dedicated to the franchise.

In recent months, after the release of the new chapter of the series, Modern Warfare has disappeared from the radar. Infinity Ward, before the release of Black Ops Cold War (against which the MW community has revolted on several occasions), had said that new content would arrive, however the lack of news seemed to suggest that things had changed.

The latest news worthy of note on Modern Warfare dates back to the beginning of February, but certainly not to talk about the game: Activision was in fact denounced with the accusation of having stolen the concept of a character, the operator Mara. We do not know how this legal matter will continue, but you can read more details by clicking here.

Surprisingly, however, today we return to talk about the 2019 shooter, which could be back in vogue thanks to a brand new seasonal event.

Modern Warfare Season 7

The youtuber TheGamingRevolutionnow a deity when it comes to leaks from the world of call of Duty – his indiscretions are very reliable – he recently published a video in which he talks about the mythology Season 7 of Modern Warfare, which apparently will be done and which is not far away.

Not only that: according to TGRthe new season of Modern Warfare, which will start onMarch 11thwill coincide with the devastating Verdansk nuclear event in Call of Duty: Warzonewhich we told you about a few hours ago.

The hypothesis of the date of 11 March comes from the “expiration date” of Outbreak, the new Zombies mode arriving on Black Ops Cold War with Season 2 that will start in a few days, whose void in mid-March will be filled by the new wave of content on Modern Warfare.

There is no (potential, after all we always talk about rumors) information only on the release date, but also on the unpublished content for the game, which will include maps, weapons and operators.

According to the insider, Soap will finally be introduced on Modern Warfare, the historic character from the classic trilogy of the Infinity Ward franchise, which will be available for purchase via a bundle costing 2400 COD Points. The Soap bundle has already leaked earlier, and it looks like it’s almost time for him.

New maps

In addition to the new operator, the leaker also publishes a list of the new maps that will be introduced in Modern Warfare:

  • Al Raab – Unpublished map set in a large hangar
  • Killhouse – Reinterpretation of the map of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and also revived on Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Townhouse – Map for Clash
  • Drainage – Map for Encounter

New weapons

Information also regarding the new guns that will be introduced in the game – and which, by rebound, should also be available on the battle royale Warzone.

Here is the list of new weapons suggested by the leak:

  • Sykov pistol
  • CX-9 submachine gun
  • Raal MG light machine gun

It also seems that to get these weapons we will have to complete some particular challenges on the game’s multiplayer.

We remind you that the information you have just read is unofficial, but it comes from a very reliable source. We just have to wait for the next few weeks to know if Modern Warfare will actually be enriched with a Season 7.

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