[Rumor] Call of Duty Zombies: a standalone game may arrive in the future

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A particularly intriguing rumor has hit the net in the last few hours: Call of Duty Zombies it could finally become a standalone game, that is, detached from any other title (like Warzone). Before diving into the news we remind you that, as usual, these are leaks and therefore information that may not be reflected in the real trend of things. Oh and by the way, have you read the summary of the Dark Aether Story? Well, I leave it below when in doubt.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies | The Dark Aether Story up to Firebase Z

Let’s go in order: as usual, to report information on all leaks related to the world of call of Duty think about it TheGamingRevolutionwhich focuses attention on a particular tweet from Tom Hendersonalso known for having disseminated various information that later turned out to be true, such as the title of Call of Duty 2019 (Modern Warfare), which spoke of a project currently dissociated from any other title related to the zombie mode still in the early stages of development.

Obviously, there is still no detail. The topic had already been brought to the attention of Jason Blundellformer historian of Treyarch as well as creator of the entire zombie multiverse, who considered the idea of ​​a standalone game a great show of affection from the fans, but that would have distorted the franchise and would not have been able to attract the attention of the public, usually playing in Call of Duty by jumping from one mode to another. Given and considered the double, incredible, success of Warzone on the one hand and COD Mobile on the other, it will be more than legitimate to expect the title to be offered through the free-to-play formula, which would go in continuity with the plans of the same. Activision which has repeatedly indicated its intention to expand the production of free titles.

In terms of content, it is really difficult to improvise even just a risky prediction on what we might see: will the Aether Story be revived? Maybe the Chaos Story will be continued? Will it serve to continue the new Dark Aether Story? These are all questions to which, unfortunately, we still cannot have an answer but what we certainly expect is to see the project entirely in the hands of Treyarch. The new Outbreak mode will certainly be indicative to understand the new bad thing that the mode could take, since it would surely be forced to a change of style.

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