[Rumor] DOOM Eternal is about to land on Xbox Game Pass

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Now that Bethesda has officially ended up in the hands of Microsoft, we expect that sooner or later all the titles of the American giant will end up on Xbox Game Pass. One of these could be on the way as soon as possible.

The official Twitter account of the Xbox subscription service has posted an enigmatic image, which seems to indicate that the phenomenal DOOM Eternal is ready to land on Xbox Game Pass.

Launched in the spring of this year, DOOM Eternal is the second installment in the acclaimed relaunch of the franchise, which is still supported by id Software today and has proved to be a huge success with critics and audiences.

A user was able to get the right information from the email that Xbox Game Pass has published, and that does not leave much room for imagination: “The Slayer is coming”.

Microsoft’s move to publish DOOM Eternal on Xbox Game Pass it would not only make sense in anticipation of the launch of the new consoles, but also in anticipation of the arrival, in October, of the new expansion of the game.

The issue of Bethesda games, in any case, continues to be discussed. Phil Spencer has stated that the intention is to launch all new (and old) titles on Xbox Game Pass, while the situation regarding the possibility of publishing productions on other systems such as Switch and PlayStation 5 is not clear. The impression of various industry experts, however, is that Microsoft will decide to keep Bethesda’s large AAA IPs for itself, starting with Starfield which could be Xbox exclusive.

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