[Rumor] E3 2021, the alleged lineup of the Bethesda Xbox conference leaks

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Klobrilleone of the most trusted insiders in the industry, is back in the office, and may have unveiled the lineup of the conference in advance. Xbox and Bethesda at E3 2021.

Less and less is missing at the beginning of E3 2021, an event that this year will be entirely digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic and which will see the participation of large companies in the sector.

Among these there is obviously also Microsoft, which this year, as previously announced, will hold a showcase of about 90 minutes in the company of Bethesda.

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The conference is obviously highly anticipated, as Xbox Series X | S have yet to largely demonstrate their potential. If PS5 started off with strong support from Sony, especially when compared to the previous generation of consoles, Microsoft’s new hardware still lacks any great exclusive titles to show off.

We already know that one of the absolute protagonists of the showcase will be Halo Infinite, the new chapter of the 343 Industries series, initially scheduled for last fall and then postponed after the disappointing presentation. Apparently, however, some very big names could take part in the event.

The aforementioned insider, usually reliable, has in fact posted what would be, at least in part, the lineup of the Xbox showcase at E3 2021, suggesting that there will be room for some huge surprises. Here are the names mentioned by Klobrille:

  • Starfield
  • Halo Infinite
  • Wolfenstein 3
  • Game by Hideo Kojima
  • Project Dragon
  • Project Omen
  • Avowed
  • Forza Horizon 5

Let’s try to analyze the leak.

Regarding Starfield, for months many journalists and insiders have agreed that Bethesda’s new game will be one of the protagonists of E3 2021, with a potentially scheduled launch this year. The sci-fi IP has been announced for some time, and, despite this, it has not yet shown itself. In this case, the chances of the game taking part in the showcase are very high. Difficult to make considerations regarding Wolfenstein 3even though the series is hugely successful and a new title would certainly come as no surprise.

Project Dragon And Project Omen are equally plausible, given that we are talking about games that have been the subject of leaks several times in recent times. The first would be an RPG from IO Interactive, the creators of Hitman and currently working on a title dedicated to James Bond, while the second, Project Omen, would be a new IP of Arkane Studios focused on vampires. According to rumors, the team may have used some old ideas from the sequel to the original Preyto create a new IP.

The presence of the new Forza Horizon seems to be taken for granted now, considering that Forza Motorsport will still be waiting and that the launch of the Xbox Series X | S was not accompanied by a new racing title – this year there will also be a lack of Need for Speed ​​and Gran Turismo, so it could be the ideal window. Furthermore, we would not be surprised if he was also present at the event Avowedthe new fantasy RPG from Obsidian.

The most suspicious name is certainly that of Hideo Kojima. The legendary Japanese designer has long been approached to the Xbox world, with Microsoft that may have partnered with Kojima Productions for a new exclusive, just as Sony did years ago, leading to the birth of Death Stranding. Until we have concrete information, it is impossible to say for sure if Kojima will be there. What is certain is that an announcement of this type, at E3 2021, could represent the proverbial nuclear bomb of the event.

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