[Rumor] Hideo Kojima is working on an Xbox exclusive

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Yesterday, Sony unveiled Abandoneda curious survival horror from Blue Box Games which, for some characteristics, seemed to closely resemble the style of Hideo Kojima.

More than one user has therefore hypothesized that this was precisely the new and mysterious game from Kojima Productions, arriving in 2021 exclusively for PS5, but this is not the case. Indeed, as reporter Jeff Grubb of VentureBeata new and unexpected collaboration for the software house of Metal Gear Solid’s father is on the horizon.

The reporter went on a hunt for news about this unknown Blue Box Games, discovering that it is a small studio that has a history on Steam Greenlight and that has never released a console game of any weight before.

Having never heard of this software house yesterday unleashed conspiracy theorists, convinced that Blue Box Games was a sort of mask of Kojima Productions and that Hideo Kojima was behind Abandoned.

Grubb, however, silences such theories, further stating that the creator of Death Stranding would be working on a Microsoft exclusive.

A really interesting news, and that according to Grubb was already guessed by the statue of Ludens, the mascot of Kojima Productions, visible on the shelf behind Phil Spencer in one of the appearances of the Xbox boss last year.

Grubb does not guarantee that the deal between Microsoft and Kojima has already concluded, but says that Microsoft intends to exploit the talent of the Japanese designer to have more grip on the Rising Sun, a land where Xbox consoles have never found luck.

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