[Rumor] Kingdom Hearts IV, the world of Arendelle inspired by Frozen 2 will return

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Yesterday’s great news for fans of the series born from the merger of the Disney and Square Enix universes is that the next Kingdom Hearts will be released in late 2022. And, apparently, it will be about Kingdom Hearts IV.

In yesterday’s day Tetsuya Nomuracreator and director of the series, had the opportunity to talk about what the future of Kingdom Hearts will be, revealing some details about Melody of Memory – a rhythm game arriving in November on PS4, Xbox One and Switch – and confiding in Famitsu that it has already started work on the next video game, whose launch window is planned for 2022.

The clues left here and there over the years suggest that it will actually be Kingdom Hearts IV – Nomura announced that he wanted to work on a spin-off before the fourth chapter, and this will be released in about two months – and today comes a new confirmation in this sense.

In reality, this is potentially valuable information that was already released in May, as you can see, but it has only really gained prominence in the last few hours.

Emre Kaya, one of the insiders who believe the development of a Kingdom Hearts CG TV series for Disney+revealed in fact in June that, with the pre-production of the new Kingdom Hearts already started in November 2019, the development team had already put in the pipeline some of the settings to be used for the game.

One of them would see the return of Arendellethe world of Elsa and Anna inspired by the sensational worldwide success frozen of 2013. This time, however, in Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora and company will be thrown into an adaptation of the film’s sequel, Frozen II: The Secret of Arendellein which the royal family sets out to discover the origin of Elsa’s powers.

If confirmed, it would be a move that makes extremely sense, and not just because of the great success it has had frozen 2. In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time that Nomura has adapted multiple films from the same saga within Kingdom Hearts. It happened for example for TRON in KH2 e TRON: Legacy in KH:3D, but also for Pirates of the Caribbean (the first film in KH2, the third in KH3) e Aladdin (KH1, while in KH2 we see a reworking of the storyline of The return of Jafar).

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