[Rumor] Resident Evil 4 Remake changes developer

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According to what was reported by the colleagues of VGC, the remake of Resident Evil 4 would have been entrusted to another Capcom team. In particular, it would seem that the project was initially entrusted to M-Twoa secondary team controlled by Tatsuya Minami who developed the Resident Evil 3 Remake. Despite this, the results obtained with the remake of the third chapter seem not to have hit Capcom, despite the good number of sales that the game has been able to secure. For this reason the remake of Resident Evil 4 would be back in the hands of Division 1, main studio of the Japanese company. It would also seem that M-Two will continue to participate in the project, albeit minimally. Obviously such a choice would have involved a slowdown of workso much so that Resident Evil 4 Remake could only arrive in 2023.

Is the Resident Evil 4 Remake already in development?

Before concluding, we remind you that two days ago Capcom presented the Resident Evil: Village Official Trailereighth installment in the series and direct sequel to Resident Evil VII.

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