[Rumor] Sony and Bloober Team are working on two Silent Hill reboots

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What’s happening to the silent Hill, exactly, we don’t know. A new and long report by VGC however, it releases a series of indiscretions of great importance.

According to the site’s sources, Konami would be committed to not one but well two Silent Hill rebootswhich will restart the events of the series aiming at the relaunch of the horror franchise after many years.

The two reboots would be developed by two external studios, which have already been working on the projects for a long time. Either way, the clues and sources of VGC they refer to two well-known names.

One of the two studios behind the relaunch of Silent Hill will be Bloober Team, and the news would certainly not be surprising. The creators of The Medium have recently announced that they are working on a horror IP from a large publisher, and the thinking of many goes precisely in the direction of Konami and its Silent Hill. In fact, The Medium itself has significant influences from the much more well-known horror series, and the Japanese company may have relied on the studio for one of the two projects.

As for the second mysterious reboot, the portal reveals some curious background.

The sources of VGC in fact report that Konami had initially contacted Supermassive Games, the developers of Until Dawn, to contribute to the relaunch of Silent Hill. Apparently, after the ideas presented, the Japanese publisher changed his mind, and Supermassive then reused the ideas to bring the Dark Pictures horror anthology series to life.

The report therefore states that Konami has finally decided to entrust the development of the reboot to a major Japanese studywhich is not revealed to us but which obviously brings to mind the rumors they have seen for more than a year SIE Japan Studioa studio owned by Sony, working on a Silent Hill as an exclusive PlayStation 5. For a long time now there has been talk of the possibility of a return of the franchise, and according to various insiders, even highly rated, Sony and Konami have agreed to relaunch Silent Hill as a PS5 exclusive – along with the equally rumored remake of Metal Gear Solid, which may already be in development at Bluepoint Games.

GameInformer he then claimed to have contacted Konami to ask for clarification on the matter, but for the moment the publisher has not yet given any response.

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