[Rumor] Square Enix works on the anime of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts

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It is certainly not the first time we hear about animated productions based on some great franchises of Square Enixand the latest rumors seem to go in that direction again.

Yesterday an indiscretion spread on Reddit that has met with great interest in the community, given that it brings up two huge franchises of the Japanese giant, namely Final Fantasy VII Remake and the series Kingdom Hearts.

The first news that spoke of an animated series inspired by Kingdom Hearts dates back to about a year ago, when various insiders, some of them more than reliable, spoke of the project as something now certain and arriving exclusively on Disney +, the streaming platform. of the house of Mickey Mouse.

In the last few hours, such rumors have come back into fashion, but this time around it is also mentioned that Square Enix is ​​also developing an anime dedicated to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In particular, this alleged animated series will tell new stories that intertwine with the plot, the protagonists and the events of the main game launched last year, which will also be revived in a few weeks on PS5 with the Intergrade edition and the DLC dedicated to Yuffie. .

In the anime, the first section will be dedicated to the events that precede the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake; the second part will be chronologically parallel to the main story of the game, also leaving the viewer some potential ideas for the future of the Remake project.

Speaking of the Kingdom Hearts seriesInstead, the alleged insider claims that the project is much more contained than the FF7R anime (perhaps due to the fact that it is not only Square Enix to take care of it, but that the collaboration with Disney is also needed), but it will also be more complex. The animated series will be made entirely in CG, and apparently in it we will find various timelines from three specific games, namely Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts III.

We remind you, however, that this is unconfirmed information, and that it may not correspond to the truth.

The Kingdom Hearts series is expected to return in 2022 with a surprise for the twentieth anniversary of the series or even with a new chapter, according to the statements of Tetsuya Nomura.

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