[Rumor] The creators of Nioh are working on Final Fantasy Origin, soulslike action for PS5

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Over the last few days, the indiscretion that speaks of a brand new has become increasingly widespread Final Fantasy now close to the announcement and arriving exclusively on PS5, and the recent rumors continue in this direction.

The alleged Final Fantasy game exclusive for PlayStation 5 which is expected to be revealed next month is currently in development by Team Ninja, according to rumors circulating online.

The French leaker Souls Huntwhich has proven to be reliable in the past by correctly anticipating various information, has revealed in a new video that this yet-to-be-announced game is currently in development at the creators of Nioh, and furthermore that it is heavily inspired by the Souls series by From Software.

The game, which apparently could be called Final Fantasy Origin, will be strongly devoted to action, and for this reason the leaker calls into question Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Respawn Entertainment’s 2019 title is indeed very inspired by soulslike mechanics, and according to his information, Final Fantasy Origin will also follow this path.

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Souls Hunt believes that this new Final Fantasy game will be announced during E3, and that a playable demo will be released – obviously only on PS5 – this summer to gather feedback. That would be a far from surprising move, as Team Ninja is constantly releasing demos of its titles to verify the effectiveness of the mechanics before launch.

As for the discourse of exclusivity, the leaker states that the game is currently only available on PS5, but the fact remains that, as happened also for the other Team Ninja games, it can subsequently arrive on other platforms as well. The agreement between Sony and Square Enix could in fact only be temporary, and in fact the two companies have long been engaged in a partnership. Suffice it to say that Final Fantasy VII Remake is still an exclusive PlayStation today (the Intergrade edition will soon arrive), and that only on PS5, at least initially, will Final Fantasy XVI and the new IP Forspoken arrive.

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