[Rumor] The first details on the history of Saints Row V

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It has been almost a year since Koch Media, in November 2019, unveiled the development of a new chapter in the Saints Row series.

Deep Silver’s crazy sandbox series has been away from our screens for many years now: the fourth chapter is dated 2013, and since then the narrative universe of the Saints has returned only on the occasion of the very little talked about spin-off Agents of Mayhem.

Saints Row vobviously a provisional name, has not yet shown itself in public, yet Koch Media itself claimed that the game would be presented by the end of 2020. There are therefore only a few months left, theoretically, to find out more about the game.

Some details, however, could already have emerged today on ResetErawhere an alleged insider has revealed some information about the story and gameplay of Saints Row V, which we present below. We obviously remind you to take the following with a grain of salt, as it is the result of unconfirmed rumors.

Story details

  • Saints Row 5 will be a continuation of the storyline from Saints Row 3. Saints Row 4 and Gat Out of Hell have been repurposed as a crazy TV show in the narrative universe of the series.
  • The plot is about how the Saints grew into an evil corporate empire similar to Ultor. We will play with a new protagonist accompanied by a new supporting cast, while going up against the old cast of Saints. The main antagonists are the old Saints, but also other gangs. One of them was a motorcycle gang called the Wolf pack. The source also mentions crossroads scenarios for the story that influence its progress.
  • All of the old Saints will return except for Gat who is (apparently) dead, which is mentioned as part of why the Saints have become soulless corporate bullies.
  • The old boss (player character from previous games) now wears a mask and tactical armor, so their appearance is open to interpretation.
  • The game is set in modern Stilwater, which has been greatly expanded.
  • There are no superpowers.
  • The Old Saints never cared about hurting innocent people which plays a big part in building the Saints as this evil gang.

Gameplay details

  • Character customization is similar to Saints Row 2.
  • We will be able to wear items of clothing in different ways.
  • We will be able, it seems, to personalize any part of the body and in many ways.
  • The customization of weapons is no longer linear as in Saints Row 4. We can equip different scopes and camouflages and switch from one type of ammunition to another.
  • Co-op for 4 playerswith difficulty adapting to the number of players.
  • The multiplayer it will be a 32 player freeroam gang war with activities like Deathmatches dynamically activated in the world. Then we will be able to drive around the map and then get a pop-up from the game inviting us and the rest of the players to participate in Deathmatch. If your gang wins the Deathmatch, you will gain a small territory as part of a larger region in this particular lobby. It won’t be global, so each lobby will have different territories controlled by different gangs.
  • No destructible environments but physics will be greatly improved. The source says driving is a very similar experience to GTA V.

Finally, as a launch window, the alleged insider talks about the end of 2021, or even 2022. Few details on the graphic aspect of the game, but from the statements (“It’s like Saints Row 3 Remastered, but better”) we don’t expect huge changes or improvements.

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