[RUMOR] Will God of War: Ragnarok be out in the spring?

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We are returning from the first real extended trailer of God of War: Ragnarok, presented during the Playstation Showcase on September 9th, but there is already speculation on the possible release date of the title.

According to some interesting clues, the new chapter dedicated to the epic events of Kratos and Atreus could arrive sooner than expected.

Ragnarok has indeed been spotted in the Playstation Network “coming soon” list, a not insignificant detail. The game is in fact joined by other popular titles to be released later this year such as Far Cry 6, Battlefield 2042 and others.

According to the Playstation Network and its classic modus operandi, God of War: Ragnarok could be among the major titles coming soon. The franchise is also particularly fond of the launch window linked to spring: they must definitely be kept an eye on March and April 2022 for a papabile launch date.

The developers confirmed that the second chapter will actually use several assets from the original God of War from 2018 (published, among other things, ad April): this makes us think of a possible shortening of development times.

We do not have any type of confirmation at the moment, but the prospect of finding ourselves in the hands of God of War: Ragnarok (on old-gen and on next-gen) already during the first half of 2022 would seem not to be so unlikely.

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