Rustler – GTA of the Middle Ages? Coming soon to Steam

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Modus Games And Games Operators, together with indie developers from Jotsu Games, have recently announced that Rustler, the comic medieval styled title GTA, will land on Steam (in early access) on February 18.

The protagonist will be Guy the antihero, a young brigand determined to win The Grand Tournament to get the hand of the princess. To achieve this, we will have to scare the citizens and wreak total chaos throughout the course of history, by way of medieval criminal.

Rustler is a title open-world, with interesting and bizarre ambitions, which will also allow you to hire a bard to add some music to your adventures. If this game interests you, you can download the trial version directly from Steam. Below we also leave you the video announcement of the release of Rustler.

Finally, remember that the final version of Rustler is scheduled for end of 2021. Let us know what you think!

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