Saints Row: here is the roadmap of content arriving in 2023

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After collecting several negative opinions, Saints Row has recently returned to the scene by means of Volition, who wanted to give a new propulsive push to the reboot title, to try to improve its fortunes as much as possible.

Deep Silver and the development team have in fact recently published a roadmap dedicated to the contents arriving over the next few months for the game. Between paid expansions and free DLC, here are the main additions planned for 2023:

  • April 11 – Dead Island 2 Pack: The free pack will allow players to outfit their boss in items from swashbuckling anti-hero Jacob or witty jock Amy. In addition to the clothes, a new emote and an iconic pink flamingo hat will be added, as well as the statue of Carver the Shark.
  • May – Sunshine Springs: The brand new neighborhood will be added to Santo Ileso in a free update, along with a number of quality of life changes, such as a total overhaul of combat, Selfie mode, and other miscellaneous improvements. Also scheduled for the month of May is the release of The Heist & The Hazardous, a DLC linked to the Expansion Pass that will bring three new story missions set in Sunshine Springs.
  • July – Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus: The second DLC of the Saints Row Expansion Pass will introduce a new solo play mode, as well as a new quality of life patch.
  • August – Expansion Pass DLC 3

What can I say, undoubtedly an ambitious future for Volition, which intends to relaunch its Saints Row to try to raise the qualitative bar… hoping it’s not already too late.

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