Season: The team reorganizes after allegations of toxic behavior

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In any work environment where it is necessary to work in a team, being able to spend your days with competent and honest people is essential for the success of the final product. Unfortunately this does not always happen.

Lately Scavenger Studiothe development team he currently has in the pipeline Seasonended up under heavy accusations by some employees, 9 to be exact. The team behind The Darwin Project is working on the fascinating indie that has made so much attention since its first appearance during The Game Awards 2020: Season is a narrative adventure at crossroads in which, riding a bicycle, the player has to explore a world nearing the end.

Despite the poetic atmosphere of the title, therefore, there does not seem to be the same idyllic atmosphere in the offices of Scavenger. The management was accused of toxic and violent behavior by some developers, who have testified how despite the passion and talent of the employees, the top figures who are responsible for coordinating the project are actually causing many problems due to discriminatory behaviors and harassment towards the women subjected to them. There is talk of alcohol consumption in the workplace and, in general, of mistreatment of many employees.

Simon Darveau (hailing from Ubisoft), and Scavenger Studio CEO Amélie Lamarche (romantically linked to Darveau) have come under the storm. It is, in fact, a relatively small team, which does not exceed 40 employees, but which has not managed to save itself from this type of abuse, which is unacceptable in any area.

Following the fuss caused by the employee’s accusation, Scavenger Studio necessarily had to take action. First, he released an official note to apologize: the matter will be taken seriously, for the sake of employees, fans and partners. Simon Darveau was officially suspended from all his responsibilities and further investigations will be made on the case. Lamarche too leaves his role as CEOat least until the investigations are concluded, even if it will continue to support the team for the correct progress of the works.

Sexism, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, in addition to being no longer acceptable, risk seriously compromising a project. We hope that light will soon be shed on this story and that the Season team can continue development without a hitch.

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