Sifu shows up in new gameplay, but the game is postponed to 2022

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During the State of Play last night there was no way to see it once again in action It wasthe new game developed by Sloclap in which we will control a martial arts master, kicking and punching our way through the enemies to overcome the various levels without dying. Death, in fact, represents a further gameplay mechanic because the protagonist is the protagonist with each defeat it will age progressively and consequently his abilities will also progress. However, dying too many times, and therefore getting too old, could be a problem in the long run because you will become less and less agile and powerful.

In the gameplay shown yesterday, in addition to the spectacular combat scenes, it was also possible to see this mechanic at work death and aging. After the first death there was an aging of two years, after the second of three, after the third of four and after the fourth the protagonist aged five years in one stroke. Despite this, it is not known whether these are specifically chosen gameplay sequences or if the protagonist will actually age more and more after each death, which is however very likely looking at the type of gameplay that the developers are trying to achieve.

Unfortunately, however, this gameplay teaser turned out to be the spokesperson for bad news, in fact at the end of the video it is possible to see that the game has been officially postponed to 2022. The developers then publicly apologized on their twitter profile due to the postponement, explaining that “It would not have been possible to get Sifu out before the end of 2021 without compromising its quality or without forcing the team to do whole months of crunch “.

This, however, is not a choice to be too saddened by, in fact we are of the idea that a development team, and especially a small one like Sloclap, needs to take their time to develop a good game, in order to guarantee before all the health of the developers and consequently also a well packaged product that will satisfy the fans.

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