Six Invitational: official dates, groups and where to follow it

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A little less than a month away with the most important appointment of the competitive year of Rainbow Six Siegewe have decided to create an article dedicated to all the useful information relating to the Six Invitational. Inside with the action, therefore, in the meantime, however, I remind you that the reports of European Leaguealways here on our site!

Rainbow Six Siege: European League Season 2 is upon us, how the teams have changed

So, let’s start immediately with the dates: the Six Invitational will be held in mid-May, precisely from 11 to 23, for the first time ever in Paris instead of a Montreal, traditional venue of the competition as the spiritual home of Rainbow Six. Twenty teams from all four regional leagues (European League, North American League, Asia-Pacific League and Latin American League) will take part in the world championship, qualified through the stages and majors of last season. These teams will be divided into two groups of 10 teams each that will play with the round robin formula (each team plays against all the others) in a Best of 1 match. to the fourth position in the upper bracket, from the fifth to the octave in the lower bracket.

The two groups are:


BDS Esport (EU)

Cloud9 (APAC)

CYCLOPS athlete gaming (APAC)

DarkZero Esports (NAL)

FaZe Clan (LATAM)


G2 Esports (EU)

Team Empire (EU)

Team Liquid (LATAM)

Team oNe eSports (LATAM)


Giants Gaming (APAC)

mibr (LATAM)

Mkers (EU)

Ninjas in Pajamas (LATAM)

Oxygen Esports (NAL)

Parabellum Esports (LATAM)

Spacestation Gaming (NAL)

SoloMid Team (NAL) (EU)

Wildcard Gaming (APAC)

All the playoff matches will be organized in the Best of 3 format except the Grand Final which will be, as usual, a Best of 5 with the usual standard advantage of a map for the team that will access the final from the winner (or upper) bracket.

To follow all the matches of the Six Invitational, then, you have two alternatives: if you like to follow the international live broadcast in English, the channel for you is Rainbow6 or Rainbow6Bravo on Twitch, otherwise the Italian live will also be available, on the Rainbow6IT channel. .

So we just have to wait for May! You are ready ?

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