Skull & Bones, new details are leaked on the Ubisoft title

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Although the exit of Skull & Bones still a long way off in light of the latest information on the game, some new details about the Ubisoft game emerge regarding the construction of ships, their behavior at sea and more.

Last May Ubisoft decided to postpone its Skull & Bones, a pirate-themed fighting game initially born as a spin-off of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, indefinitely. The title is now hypothetically slated for fiscal year 2022, which will end in March 2023, but the impression is that the game will be waiting for quite a while in light of recent discoveries.

Presented in 2017 at E3, Skull & Bones it then reappeared the following year during the same fair and then disappeared from the radar, with Ubisoft then decided to transform the initial concept to adopt a system closer to Fortnite – even if it is not yet clear what is meant.

After a very long time, we return to talk about Skull & Bones in these hours. The information does not come from an official source, but the insider in question is quite reliable. This is the usual Tom Henderson, who has decided to publish a series of details that mainly concern the structure of the game.

The new information on Skull & Bones

The leaked information about the Ubisoft game comes from Tom Henderson, a leaker best known for his advances on Call of Duty and Battlefield. As part of a tweet discussion, Henderson talked about different aspects of Skull & Bones, from building rafts to how many guns a ship can have.

Here is what the insider said:

In Skull and Bones, there are 5 levels of ships (small, medium, large, etc.) and they are classified into three different categories. Cargo, combat and exploration. Unlocking different ships is tied to blueprints, which you can purchase in different settlements.

On this, nothing new under the sun. As always happens in many games, it will take projects but also resources to build our new warships, and each of them will have unique characteristics. The size of ships, for example, will change the way they sail, fight and much more.

The ships will also be able to be updated to add armor, foundries, equipment and materials for the hold, and it will also be possible to customize them with cosmetic skins – this could be the declared connection with Fortnite, although we are not sure that it will be limited to this feature. .

As for the setting, Henderson said that it appears that the game is set in the Indian Ocean. Apparently players will start the game pretty much from scratch, setting out on their journey of conquest even from a raft. The story will lead the player to build and manage a ship, which he will then need to make a name for himself in the world of pirates.

“Player progression is currently tracked by the amount of money you earn doing jobs, raiding other ships, plundering settlements, raiding fortresses and taking cargo trips”Henderson continued. “The more money you make as a pirate, the more powerful you become.”

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