Sledgehammer explains the changes made to Vanguard after Alpha

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Sledgehammer Games collected feedback from the Open Alpha of Call of Duty: Vanguardpreparing the game with some updates for the September Beta.

The software house is preparing for the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguarda new chapter in the series arriving on November 5 that will be co-developed by Treyarch – the latter will take care of the Zombies mode, which will be a sequel to the events of Black Ops Cold War.

After last weekend’s Open Alpha, exclusive to PS4 and PS5 users, Vanguard will return to our screens in the course of next week with a Beta version, which will also include several fixes and balances made by the developers after the feedback of the players during the first phase of test.

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Sledgehammer explained on his website all the changes that players will find within the Vanguard Beta, which we leave you below.


Over the course of the Alpha, the developers received a significant amount of visibility feedback. Several visual improvements have been made that you will notice in the Beta, and feedback has also been collected about poor visibility after taking damage and about visibility issues with character and map lighting.

  • Damage overlay:
    • Refined injury damage coverage to help maintain visibility.
  • Lighting:
    • Reduced the density of the “sun fog”.
    • Increased the border light around players to help separate them from the background.
    • Overall exposure adjusted, i.e. we turned up the lights.


The audio team has made improvements to weapon sounds that will be ready in time for the Beta, including:

  • Step volume of non-players slightly increased.
    • Note: non-player is anyone who is not the user (enemies and teammates).
  • Slightly reduced non-player weapon volume.
  • Reduced announcer volume and call frequency.
  • Global MP mixing pass to enhance informative audio for gaming


During Champion Hill Alpha, Sledgehammer observed spawn issues that resulted in players spawning very close to other players. To address this, the design team modified the spawns on Champion Hill.

  • Fine-tuned spawn positions and adjusted general spawn logic.
  • Eliminated that one spawn in Courtyard that forced you to have 3 seconds of eye contact with your opponent.


Among the feedback received there are also reports of problems with the visibility of the plate and the monitoring of the aim assist through destructible walls. While these fixes will likely not be ready before the Beta, the developers assure them that they will be fixed before launch. Here are the solutions identified for the fixes and some information on why these bugs occur:

  • Identified a destructible wall in Champion Hill with a mismatched collision pattern. Although it looked like a solid wall, there was a hole that allowed the raycast to pass through and display the tags.
  • “We are aware that there are more problems with name tags and targeted assistance and we have an investigation underway on how to fix them”the developers wrote on the site. “The game clips have been a great resource for our teams to find and fix these issues, so keep getting them coming.”

In concluding the intervention, Sledgehammer then reminds all users to send videos and clips from the Beta in case players encounter other bugs or problems.

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