Sony announces the closure of communities on PS4

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After nearly 8 years and still many active users, Sony announces the imminent closure of the PlayStation 4 community.

Through an email sent to its users, Sony announced that the PS4 Community function will be removed in the course of April, thus putting an end to the social platform that still allows thousands of players to communicate with each other.

Communities are in fact a virtual meeting place for many PS4 users, where players can get together every day and share screenshots and messages in common chat. We at Uagna, too, in his time, have created two PS4 Communities to give you the opportunity to meet and share gaming moments, building an interesting social area.

Here is the text of the email in which Sony announces the closure of the Communities:

Thank you for using the Community feature on your PlayStation 4 console. As of April 2021, this feature will no longer be supported or available on your PS4 console. However, you will still be able to stay connected and enjoy the messaging features and more on your PS4 console and PlayStation App.

The move has already made headlines, especially due to the fact that the PS4 Communities still gather thousands of users and are very active. The official Assassin’s Creed group, for example, has tens of thousands of members, and players exchange tons of messages every day.

Sony is likely to replace this feature with something else, in anticipation of shifting focus exclusively to the PlayStation 5 in the coming months and years.

As mentioned, however, the move is not among the most understandable, and many are already asking Sony for clearer explanations about the closure of the Communities.

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