Sony confirms once again that PS5 stocks will be limited until 2022

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Though PlayStation 5 was launched almost 7 months ago, in November 2020, the console is still difficult to find among retailers, who receive new but very limited stocks every week. Today Sony, once again, confirmed that this shortage of consoles will continue into 2022.

Bloomberg reports that Hiroki Totoki, Chief Financial Officer, discussed the matter today in a briefing behind closed doors, and that there is no news other than what we already knew – on this, Sony does not want to give false hope. According to those present, the manager said:

I don’t think the demand for new consoles is subsiding this year, and even if we guaranteed many more devices and produced many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our offering would not be able to keep up with demand. .

There Chip shortage is obviously responsible, as it has had a huge impact on everything related to hardware production – not just the PS5, so much so that even Nintendo and Microsoft estimate they have inventory problems for the next few months.

The difficulty in finding semiconductors is causing significant damage to some large companies including the giants of the video game industry, so much so that Sony, Microsoft and other big names have turned to the Biden administration to find a solution.

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