Sony has invested more than $ 300 million in exclusive PS5 second parties

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Interesting data emerges from the latest financial report by Sonywhich has decided to focus with great decision on the world of exclusive video games for enrich the PlayStation 5 line-up.

The Japanese giant has released official data in its latest financial report, in which we can read a particular and very important passage.

In the section Purchase commitments and other in fact it is reported that Sony has invested an impressive $ 329 million in the development, production and publication of second party video games. In essence, these are productions that are not made by the studios of PlayStation Studios, but which will be available exclusively on the PlayStation platforms – PS5 and in the future probably also services such as PlayStation Now.

The investment covers a time span of 7 years, so we can assume that it will be the entire life cycle of the PlayStation 5. In short, we will theoretically have to wait until about 2027 for the next hardware from Sony.

Over the course of these months we have already had several examples of exclusive PS5 second parties. Together with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, in fact, the initial line up of the console was accompanied by the remake of Demon’s Soulsmade by Bluepoint Games, and the platformer Sackboy: A Big Adventure by Sumo Digital. In both cases, these are productions entrusted to studios outside PS Studios, but which are only available on PlayStation.

Another exclusive second party coming in the next few weeks is ReturnalHousemarque’s new sci-fi roguelike.

Sony has therefore decided to focus heavily on the great exclusives, not only from its expert and reliable internal studios, but also relying on external software houses.

According to numerous rumors, two other great exclusive second parties for PlayStation 5 could be the remake of Metal Gear Solid and the new chapter of the Silent Hill series, made in collaboration with Konami. For months now we have been talking about these projects, and according to various insiders there shouldn’t be much missing from the reveal.

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