Sony has officially acquired Housemarque, authors of Resogun and Returnal

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Sony has formalized a new important entry into the ranks of his PlayStation Studios.

The Japanese company has in fact confirmed a few minutes ago, after months of rumor, that it has completed the acquisition of Housemarque, the European software house that has worked with Sony on several occasions. His latest work, Returnal, was an unprecedented IP for PlayStation 5, released worldwide last April.

Was Hermen Hulsthead of PlayStation Studios, to welcome Housemarque to the ranks of Sony’s first party studios with a post on the official PlayStation blog, stating that they have closely followed the work of this talented studio for many years.

Ilari Kuittinen, co-founder and CEO of Housemarque, said:

Today is a big day for Housemarque and it’s been over 26 years. Our strong partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment began with Super Stardust HD on PS3 and we have been making arcade-inspired games for all PlayStation platforms ever since. With Returnal for PS5, our newest release, our biggest foray into third-person action gaming has solidified our voice and brand in the industry, delivering unique, quality experiences to players.

Founded in Helsinki in 1995 from the merger of Terramarque and Bloodhouse, in the 2010s Housemarque had started a fruitful collaboration with Sony, already in business with the studio in 2007 during the publication of Super Stardust HD. Just in 2010 it arrives Dead Nation, a great success for the company, and from then on Housemarque will only focus on PlayStation platforms. In the following years, other great successes arrived, above all the arcade shooter ResogunPS4 launch title, and the roguelike Returnal released a few months ago on PS5.

Currently, the software house is working on the support of Returnal, but it is almost certain that the development of a new title for PS5 has already begun. Housemarque is also familiar with PlayStation VR having developed Matterfall, and it is therefore not to be excluded that Sony has commissioned a new game in view of the new generation viewer.

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