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Goes on until August 15th PS Plus of the Daythe competition promoted by Sony Interactive Entertainment Italy and dedicated to all PS Plus members who can try to win a annual subscription at the service.

The activity was designed to celebrate the passion of the players for PS Plus and for the titles that make up the catalog every month. TO Julyfor example, it is possible, at no additional cost, to immerse yourself in a story full of pathos like that of A Plague Tale: Innocenceaddress the countless challenges of Call of Duty Black Ops 4face your opponent in combat in WWE 2K Battlegrounds or face other players in the heated clashes of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown. And other surprises await us for the month of August.

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The PS Plus of the Day contest provides two stagesin July and August, and to participate you must:

  • Download at least one of the monthly games included in the PS Plus subscription. It is possible to participate once in July and once in August, with the new monthly titles to be announced;
  • carry out the in-game challenges communicated on the landing page dedicated to the contest and through the PlayStation Italia social channels;
  • take a picture of the screen with your smartphone which witnesses the achievement of the lens, taking care to frame your own controller as well;
  • publish the photo on your Instagram public profile, inserting in the description: @playstationit, @partecipoeautorizzo and #psplusoftheday.

To the end of the activityto celebrate the achievements of the community, it will be published on PlayStation one channels special wallpaper with some of the photos featured in the contest.

PlayStation®Plus and the subscription service thanks to which every month you can expand your library of games with a title belonging to the PlayStation 5 family and two to the PlayStation 4 ecosystem at no additional cost. The subscription allows you to play multiplayer with friends and enjoy additional discounts on thousands of productions. Finally, the subscription to PS Plus also guarantees access to the PlayStation Plus Collection: a library of PlayStation 4 titles) on demandalways available on PlayStation 5.

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