Sony is planning the return of the SOCOM series!

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Among the various projects under development at i PlayStation Studiosthere would also be the return of a beloved third-person shooter series: we talk about SOCOM!

Created by the late Zipper Interactive, SOCOM has been a major franchise in the PlayStation world since 2002, the release date of the first chapter on PS2. The TPS managed to carve out an important slice of fans, generating various sequels and spin-offs until 2011 when, with SOCOM 4, the series retired.

The series, which technically also had to land on PlayStation Vita with a project that was later renamed Unit 13 and curated by Zipper, however, it could be very close to returning to the scene.

The journalist Colin Moriartyex IGN which today runs a Discord channel called Sacred Symbols with discussions and live shows, recently discussed the intellectual properties that Sony has long forgotten, leaving some valuable information.

For example, Moriarty believes that Resistance And Motorstorm are IPs that Sony may actually decide to bring back to PS5 today; different speech for other IPs such as Hazethe failed competitor of Halo, which have instead been erased from memory:

Resistance and Motorstorm are the only intellectual properties that could go back from that era

Although Moriarty is unsure about Resistance and Motorstorm, the reporter is confident when it comes to SOCOMso much so that he confided to his followers that the TPS series will definitely return to PS5.

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For now we are not certain about future PlayStation exclusives after Horizon: Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarok, GT7, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine, however the company has many projects in the pipeline, and one of them could actually be the return of SOCOM.

After all, the recent acquisition of Bungie was also made with a view to returning to focus more insistently on the shooter market, and Sony has also stated that it intends to launch over 10 live service games in the coming years.

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