Sony posts a mysterious tweet, the PlayStation Experience is almost upon us?

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In recent days, a large number of rumors concerning a probable have sprung up on the net PlayStation Experience in which Sony will finally go to show the PS5 line up in more detail.

Apparently the rumors may not be completely unfounded, in fact on the twitter profile of PlayStation Italy A tweet was recently posted recommending that “Get comfortable because (something) is to start”. Unfortunately, the tweet was removed after a very short time, probably because it was published earlier than established.

This small mistake by Sony could also mean nothing, or refer to the recent contest organized by Sony to win the new PULSE 3D headphones, a subscription to the PS Plus or the PS Now, however the numerous rumors of the last few days portend everything. ‘other. Indeed the well-known insider Mr. Deezy he declared himself “98.3% sure that Sony’s showcase will be held between 6 and 12 July, and that it will be officially announced this Thursday / Friday”he also confirmed that the event will last approximately 80-90 minutes and which will focus primarily on PlayStation exclusives coming out in 2021, with a brief final look at the games scheduled for 2022.

Furthermore, according to other rumors, it is very likely that during the PlayStation Experience, Ghost of Ikishima, the much-rumored stand alone DLC of Ghost of Tsushima, the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut recently recorded on the ESRB website, and the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarök.

In any case, we are pretty sure that, should the rumors prove to be true, Sony’s official confirmation will not be long in coming. Also, from how it is described, this PlayStation Experience it could potentially be the biggest ever, both in duration and content, so we just have to wait and see what Sony has in store for its fans.

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