Soulstice is shown with a new gameplay trailer at the Future Games Show 2021

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“Your humanity is lost

Your bond is a weapon

Your battle is about to begin “

Soulstice, the interesting one Action RPG Made in Italyit is shown with the new gameplay trailer titled “Sisters” during Gamescom, specifically during the Future Games Show 2021.

The Italian team Reply Game Studios is working on the title that, since its launch trailer shown at the last E3, seemed very promising for the combat system a la Devil May Cry and for the graphic style, which takes fully from the Japanese tradition without wanting to badly ape it.

As also underlined in this new trailer, which we leave you below, the strong point of the plot and gameplay is the very close bond between the two protagonists Briar and Lutetwo sisters who to save the Holy Kingdom of Keidas they have decided to sacrifice their entire existence: Briar is now a ferocious superhuman fighter, while her sister Lute has bonded with her and lives in spiritual form to support her in the fighting. Both are voiced by Stefanie Joosten (Metal Gear Solid V).

The trailer showed us new monstrous enemies, giving space to the fast-paced gameplay, to the dark-fantasy atmospheres and the animations of the two protagonists: we particularly appreciated the expressiveness that Lute seems to have during some cutscenes. In the video we can also take a look at what seem to be bossfights, as well as more exploratory sections.

Soulstice is coming in the course of 2022 on next-gen (PS5, XboX Series X / S) and on PC.

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