Square Enix Presents: Life is Strange: True Colors announced. Project Athia will be called Forspoken

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The Square Enix Presents spring, just broadcast live on the official channels of the Japanese giant, launched several new succulent contents, in a presentation lasting exactly 40 minutes.

After showing Outriders and dedicated a short special to 25th anniversary of the most famous videogame heroine, tomb Raider (the digital bundle has arrived for the anniversary Definitive Survivor Trilogy), Square Enix switched to the mobile titles and later on Marvel’s Avengers and its new content, including the reveal of the War of Wakanda expansion. After Balan Wonderworldthe live broadcast went live with the new Life is Strange.

Life is Strange: True Colorsdeveloped by Deck Nine Games (former authors of Before the Storm), will be released on September 10, 2021 in full version: The story will remain divided into chapters, but this time Square Enix has decided to give players the opportunity to experience the whole experience in one breath, making all chapters available at launch.

As per tradition, this is a totally new chapter in its own right, which even newbies to the series can use without necessarily recovering the previous events.

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The protagonist is Alex Chen and its supernatural power is a very marked one empathy, which allows her to perceive people’s emotions on herself and visualize them through a sort of colored aura. Hence the title: True Colors.

Alex has not seen his brother Gabe for eight years and arrives in the town of Haven Springs precisely to be reunited with him. Because of a accident However, the brother passes away, but Alex soon discovers that there is a mysterious truth to be brought back to the surface. This is the incipit of Life is Strange: True Colors, which between friendships, loves and discoveries will lead the player into a real carousel of emotions.

But the news did not end there: Square Enix in fact also announced the arrival, with the Ultimate Edition of the new Life is Strange, by Life is Strange Remastered Collection, containing the remastered version of the first chapter and Before the Storm. The Collection will be available in a stand-alone version by the end of the year.

Square Enix Presents finally concluded with a segment dedicated to Project Athiathe new IP developed by Luminous Productions. The PS5 and PC exclusive is coming in 2022 and finally has an official title: the game will be called Forspoken. During the presentation, some new, somewhat evocative scenes were shown, which focus on the charismatic protagonist Frey.

“This is the first video game that I collaborate with and since I have been a huge fan of video games since I was a child, I find it incredible to see the way the world and the story of Forspoken come to life, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy”said Ella Balinska, who plays the game’s protagonist. “Frey’s character is authentic, natural, she’s a girl who has been lost both literally and figuratively. She is a character that I immediately identified with and I think it will be the same for all those who leave for this incredible adventure. “

Below you can view the entire live stream. The Square Enix Presents is back in the summer!

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