STALKER 2 – A lightning-fast new look at the game in the developer teaser gameplay

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Via the IGN YouTube channel, GSC Game World has released a new video of STALKER 2which also contains very short gameplay sequences.

In this new gameplay teaser, which we hope to review in a more substantial way soon, we can take a look at some settings that we will encounter in the post-apocalyptic game. Everything, of course, will be set near the Chernobyl area, the place where the STALKER series originated.

The game has been defined by the developers as one of the greatest open world ever, and of course the wait is skyrocketing considering the cult status of the first chapter of the series. STALKER is in fact considered the father of the series as Metro, for its atmosphere and for the experience it offers to the player.

With launch still scheduled for 2021, STALKER 2 will be available exclusively on console on Xbox Series X | S, as well as PC.

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