Steam Controller, Valve forced to pay a $ 4 million fine

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Apparently Valve is set to pay a $ 4 million fine for infringing a patent in creating the Steam Controller. Specifically, the US company allegedly plagiarized the rear keys of the pad, violating the Corsair controller designcompany to which the brand is owed Scuf Gaming.

After more than five years of legal battles, justice has proven Corsair right, forcing Valve to pay the aforementioned sum. A real satisfaction for Corsair, despite the company’s initial request for 11 million dollars. However, should the intent of plagiarism be proven, Valve may have to shell out a higher sum than expected.

The same Microsoft had implemented the same keys for theXbox Elite Controller. Unlike Valve, however, the Redmond Colossus had obtained the license to use this technology by paying a commission to Corsair.

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