Steam Deck, a new video shows Prey, Death Stranding and Doom in action

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Valve has released a new video dedicated to Steam Deckthe gaming laptop that will be available by the end of 2021 which was presented by the company during the month of July.

In the new video, the company shows three big guns in action on the Steam Deck. We can in fact see short sections of gameplay of Prey, Doom and Death Strandingall of which will be playable through hardware.

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In the video we also find other titles such as Ghostrunner.

Steam Deck will consist of a single body with a 7-inch touchscreen and levers placed symmetrically to it. On the right side of the console there are also the classic 4 keys, while in the central part on the sides we find two practical trackpads that will allow for greater precision and ergonomics especially in shooters.

Valve also announced in recent days that it is working with AMD to support Steam Deck for Windows 11.

Steam Deck is coming in December 2021, at a cost of € 419.

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