Streamer violates the NDA and broadcasts an hour of Rainbow Six: Parasite, here is new information

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A streamer got it big, as they say. Taking part in a super-secret technical test of Rainbow Six: Parasitewhat until recently was known as Rainbow Six: Quarantine, has decided to go against the confidentiality agreementor NDA, from Ubisoft and to broadcast an hour of the game on Facebook.

Of course we imagine that Ubisoft is already taking the right measures – agreements of this type are legally bound, and can lead to a lawsuit against the user in question – but from the live there are some confirmations and the first details on the game.

Thanks to PCGamer we were able to discover some information leaked from the clip, which apparently was a lengthy tutorial of the game, and we bring it back to you below.

The new information on Rainbow Six: Parasite

Here is a quick list of all the information leaked thanks to the live – which today can no longer be recovered:

  • Many of Rainbow Six: Siege’s equipment is present, such as drones and barricades. Destructible walls are back too.
  • Confirmed operators are Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Ela, Finka and Tachanka.
  • The enemies are called Archeans. In reality, these are unicellular organisms capable of surviving in extreme environments. In the game, however, they are blue-green aliens with very sharp arms and a bioluminescent head that glows when alerted. There will be some enemy subtypes in addition to the basic ones.
  • Each mission is aimed at collecting information and samples of the aliens. Another mission will consist in fixing a biotracking on the alien nests, which however, in case of alert, will release a sticky substance that slows the movement.
  • The safe rooms of Left 4 Dead are mentioned, as there will be a similar dynamic: after each sub-zone, the players go through an airlock, then move on to the next sub-zone where the enemies are more powerful or think about the request for a ‘ extraction.
  • Operators who don’t survive can be rescued later – again it’s cited as a similar dynamic to Left 4 Dead. The operator is released and can then head to the new point of interest to rejoin the team.

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