Super Mario Bros. Breaks Record – One Copy Sold for $ 2 Million!

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A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. it was sold for 2 million dollars Friday, the highest price ever paid for a single video game, according to an announcement by the collectors site Rally.

The sale, as indicated Polygonis not unique only for the incredible amount that was paid for the copy of the unforgettable NES title, but also for the way in which the sale took place: the buyer, anonymous, in fact bought the collector’s item from Rally who in turn had sold shares in this copy of the game to investors.

According to a report of the New York Times, the buyer of Super Mario Bros. offered 2 million dollars for the copy, for which it is still necessary to report the perfect condition: the object was in fact still sealed, classified by professionals and part of a limited edition production. In short, a copy that is certainly not found every day.

The sale was approved by the shareholders of the NES game, and the investors reportedly received a return of around 900% on their shares.

The $ 2 million sale of Super Mario Bros. breaks the previous record for a collectible video game, a $ 1.56 million copy of Super Mario 64 sold through Heritage Auctions in July that we told you about here. In turn, the Nintendo 64 game had broken the previous record of a copy of The Legend of Zelda, which sold for $ 870,000 at auction a few weeks ago.

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