TAG Heuer X Super Mario, the collaboration is served

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Experience the thrill of performance with the interactive watch face of TAG Heuer Connected and Super Mario Action is at the heart of the TAG Heuer x Super Mario collaboration.

This new digital creation, a marriage of luxury, sportiness and fun functionality, encourages the wearer to leave the house and intensify their physical activity with Mario, to be rewarded by the pleasure and satisfaction of marking their progress.

Mario is also always on the move: he runs, jumps or plays sports such as golf and tennis. Its cheerful and dynamic personality will encourage owners of this smartwatch to enjoy an active lifestyle. With a dial that becomes livelier and more animated the more the wearer is active, this edition of the TAG Heuer Connected changes as the user progresses. A fun and inspiring way to stay active throughout the day.

The animations are based on the gamification rewards system: Mario greets the user with a welcome greeting in the morning and, as time and accumulated steps advance, offers a different animation on the dial when reaching each stage of the daily goal (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). These animations take the form of famous Super Mario objects: at three o’clock the Super Mushroom that makes Mario grow, at six o’clock the Tube that allows him to travel fast and at nine o’clock the Super Star lights up making him invincible! When 100% of the daily step goal is reached, Mario climbs the Flag Pole, another iconic feature of the video game.

The idea is inspired by the phenomenon of “Easter eggs” that gamers are well aware of, which consists in hiding features and surprises, such as bonuses, within video games.

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